Press Release

Inside the Cheater's Mind: Why He Cheats & Why She Cheats is now available from this site.

The book highlights a number of reasons why people cheat. We often tend to lump cheaters into bad folks and not realize there can be reasons why people cheat. I call them personality cheaters and situational cheaters.

If you've ever experienced infidelity in one of your relationships, now or in the past, You’ll find this book very interesting. You will even find it interesting if you have not experienced, because we all read about it in our daily news. You'll find yourself seeing our celebrity cheaters and understanding what their issues may be.

Do you know a charismatic cheater, narcisscistic cheater, revenge cheater, or impulsive cheater? Find out that it’s not too late to save the relationship. I believe that we can heal relationships after cheating.

You can purchase on this website or ask for it from your favorite bookseller. Tell your friends or buy several—they make great gifts.